Halo 3 – Who is Commander Miranda?

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A key human commander within the Halo franchise, commander Miranda Keyes seems in each the second one and 0.33 versions of the sport. Julie Benz and Justis Bolding lent their voices to the individual in next variations of the sport. She is the daughter of Jacob Keyes, Captain of the human forces who dies in combat in the first version of the วิธีเล่นบาคาร่าออนไลน์ game.
Appearance of Miranda Keyes
Keyes first seems in the sport while receiving commemoration and honors on her father’s behalf for his heroism and martyrdom in Halo: Combat Evolved. Soon after this event, a Covenant entourage attacks Earth and Keyes joins the human protection of the metropolis of New Mombasa. When the Covenant military escapes, Keyes orders their pursuit and the human fleet arrives at the Delta Halo.
Keyes leads the charge and divides the human birthday party into awesome companies. While one 1/2 led through Master Chief pursues the Covenant leader known as Regret, she makes a decision to look for the Index, an item that might spark off the Halo and wipe out sentient life from the galaxy.
Sergeant Johnson and the Marines of the human deliver accompany her on this quest. Together they attain the library of the structure and locate the Index efficaciously however the Covenant seize the two and the enemy Tartarus to prompt the Halo. However, at this crucial juncture help arrives inside the shape of Johnson and the Arbiter who kill Tartarus and rescue her. She is also capable of recover the Index and save you the initiation of the Halo.
In Halo three, Keyes heroically battles in the epical struggle among the people and the Covenant. The conflict within the Ark, key to unlocking all the Halos, which changed into the objective of the Covenants, proves her final as she is shot down through Truth even as looking to save you its initiation.

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